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Curtain Cleaning


Having curtain in your home has become an essential needs. It can provide you with privacy and blocking the glaring sunlight when needed. However, it is also a breeding ground for harmful micro organisms such as dust mites, bugs and bacteria. As time passes, the curtain will also look dull as dust starts to accumulate on the surface.

Just like any upholstery, curtain requires professional curtain cleaning services as well. You can either send for curtain laundry cleaning or request for an on-site curtain steam cleaning service. Curtain laundry cleaning usually has a down time of 5 - 7 days as it requires the curtain laundry company to dismantle the curtain, bring it back to factory for washing and thereafter bringing it back for assembly. It is usually a struggle for home owner to send their curtain for laundry cleaning as it has many inconvenience factors.


For PomPom's professional curtain cleaning service, our cleaning specialists will provide an on-site curtain steam cleaning which includes power vacuum to remove dust and dirt particles and high pressure jet steam treatment to eliminate bacteria. Curtain steam cleaning has no down time and no dismantling required. Most importantly is that our curtain steam cleaning is highly effective and never fails to freshen up customer's curtain.

Benefits of professional curtain cleaning

  • Dust mites and bugs removal

  • Dust and dirt particles removal

  • Eliminate bacteria

  • Odour removal

  • Increase curtain lifespan

For professional curtain cleaning, simply contact us to book your appointment today!

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