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PomPom means Bath or Shower.

Giving yourself a PomPom is to keep yourself CLEAN and HEALTHY.
Giving your upholstery a PomPom is to keep your home CLEAN and HYGIENIC. 

PomPom Cleaning Services is specialised in providing premium quality
upholstery and general cleaning for both residential and commercial premises.

Over the years, we are constantly researching and exploring
different methods to improve the quality of our cleaning services.

Deep Extraction Cleaning Process

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[ Step 1 ] - Sanitising
Spraying of fabric disinfectant to eliminate any viruses, germs and bacteria

[ Step 2 ] Shampooing + Soft Tip Scrubbing
Remove odour and dissolve / soften stains

[ Step 3 ] 170 Degrees Hot Steam + Hot Water Injection
Rinsing and sanitising

[ Step 4 ] Power Deep Vacuum
Extraction of dirt, dust mites, sweat, skin oil and excess water

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