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Commercial Carpet
Cleaning Services


Having a nice and clean carpeted flooring in your office can create a warm and welcoming environment. This can positively impact the employees' mood and health condition thus leading to lower sick leave and higher productivity. 

Due to the daily high usage, office carpet tends to trap huge amount of dirt particles, dust and micro-organisms. This will lead to dark patches or stains on the office carpet and eventually reducing the lifespan.


For effective cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of the office carpet, it is most recommended to engage a professional cleaning service provider for the cleaning of office carpet. This will ensure that the office carpet will be cleaned in the most effective and efficient method.

PomPom's cleaning specialists are highly experienced in office carpet cleaning. We have received numerous positive feedbacks and encouraging words from our customers who have engaged our office carpet cleaning services. Many of our customers are re-engaging us for office carpet cleaning on a regular basis to maintain the hygiene of their office carpet.

Benefits of professional commercial carpet cleaning

  • Dust mites and bugs removal

  • Dust and dirt particles removal

  • Eliminate bacteria

  • Stain removal

  • Odour removal

  • Increase carpet lifespan

For professional commercial carpet cleaning, simply contact us to book your appointment today!

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