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Sofa Cleaning


Having clients or VIPs over in your office for a meeting or discussion but worried about your unsightly stained sofa? If you are facing such issues, it is time to explore sofa cleaning.


A dirty and stained sofa is commonly caused by sweat, skin oil, food or drinks spillage. All these deposits contributes to the stains and the sofa may have an odour which deter people from using it. Besides the odour, deposit accumulated in the sofa may also create a moist environment which attracts harmful micro organisms such as dust mites and bacteria. These harmful micro organisms may lead to health issues such as sneezing, runny nose, chest discomfort, persistent coughing and skin itchiness. To prevent or resolve all these problems, you can simply arrange for a professional sofa cleaning.

A common DIY sofa cleaning method is to vacuum the sofa. This can help to remove the dust and loose dirt particles on the surface of the sofa. However, to fully remove the dust mites, stains and other dirt particle hidden in the hard-to-reach spot, a professional sofa cleaning is definitely required. Having the right tool and professional cleaning skills will allow the sofa cleaning to be expedited while not compromising on the quality of sofa cleaning.


As the fabric material of sofa varies, our highly experienced cleaning specialists will assess the sofa before they commence the sofa cleaning. This will allow them to clean the sofa with the most appropriate method and cleaning solutions. By engaging PomPom's sofa cleaning service, you can rest assured that the best sofa cleaning service will be rendered and your beloved sofa will be cleaned and freshen up.


Benefits of sofa cleaning

  • Dust mites and bed bugs removal

  • Dust and dirt particles removal

  • Eliminate bacteria

  • Stain removal

  • Odour removal

  • Increase sofa lifespan

For professional sofa cleaning, simply contact us to book your appointment today!

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