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Meeting / Lounge Chair

The hygiene of meeting/lounge chair is something that we often neglect. These chairs tends to accumulate food or drinks spillage, dust mites, sweat, skin oil and dirt particles. Prolonged usage of stained or dirty dining chair may lead to health issues such as sneezing, runny nose, chest discomfort, persistent coughing and skin itchiness. As dust and dirt particles starts to accumulate, the meeting/lounge chair will look dull, unsightly and may even gives off a foul odour. Eventually, employees and guests will start avoiding to sit on them.

For DIY cleaning of the meeting/lounge chair, you should only vacuum the surface of the dining chair with a normal vacuum cleaner. Avoid rubbing the stained spot with your cloth as it may worsen it. For more effective cleaning of meeting/lounge chair, engaging a professional cleaning service provider is definitely required. Depending on the fabric material of the meeting/lounge chair, PomPom's highly experienced cleaning specialists will provide the most appropriate cleaning method.

Benefits of meeting/lounge chair cleaning

  • Dust mites and bugs removal

  • Dust and dirt particles removal

  • Eliminate bacteria

  • Stain removal

  • Odour removal

  • Increase meeting/lounge chair lifespan

For professional meeting/lounge chair cleaning, simply contact us to book your appointment today!

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